Steven P Cudgma, Account Executive
    197 Montowese Street
    Office – 203-488-1677
    Cell – 203-988-4137

  • Since 1956, The Richard W. Squeri Agency has been offering its clients a wide range of insurance choices, from not just one, but several major insurance carriers. We are able to research, compare and assist you in selecting the best combination of coverages and cost for all your personal, family and business needs. The Squeri Agency philosophy is to provide the finest insurance services to our clients, offer a full choice of products from more than 40 different carriers, be professionally responsible to our clients by keeping abreast of new products, technology and opportunities that can affect our business and our clients. We strive to do what is right for the individuals, families and businesses that we represent.
    In July, 2014, Steve Cudgma joined the agency as a Life and Healthcare Specialist. There he expanded his knowledge of insurance to include Pre-65 enrollees as well. But his passion has been in assisting seniors with navigating the ever changing and often confusing world of Medicare. Year round, Steve assists new enrollees with their initial enrollment and helping them to understand what Medicare covers and where the “gaps” are. Appointed with all the major carriers of Medicare products, Steve can offer plans to fit every person’s situation. He is also abreast of the LIS (Low Income Subsidies) that are available to qualifying beneficiaries and how to apply for them.
    Steve is also a Certified Long Term Care Advisor and is appointed with the major companies that offer this often overlooked coverage, something that most people will need at some point, but do not have in place.
    Steve is passionate about his clients and their financial well-being and how it can be effected by unforeseen healthcare costs as they age. That is why he makes it his priority to stay on top of the changes to Medicare each year, so that he can help his clients live a carefree retirement without the worry of hidden costs, should they need medical attention.