• Senior Transition Services or Moving Specialist

  • PREMIER Transitions

    Jean Cherni
    Real Estate Transition Specialist

  • As a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) Jean Cherni specializes in offering guidance and directions to seniors and their families making the transition from their homes to a new lifestyle. Whether they are simply downsizing, choosing a retirement community or moving closer to family members, Jean’s extensive knowledge and over 30 years of experience in counseling seniors, will enable them to make the right decision for their specific needs. Premier Transitions concierge-like program addresses their every need from start to finish:
    *Assessment of the senior clients’ needs
    *Personalized attention to our senior clients and their families as they sift through 
the many housing options
    *Specially designed workbooks to help Seniors select the right community, 
determine what possessions to keep, and organize the moving process
    *Assistance with downsizing needs – what to keep, sell, throw away, or donate
    *Selection of appropriate “Senior Specialist” Realtors
    *Regular communication with senior clients, assigned Realtor, retirement 
community, and service partners, coordinating every aspect of the move
Jean offers caring assurance and “hands on services” throughout the entire move; handling the challenges of disposing of possessions, readying the house for sale, monitoring the move and all the other often overwhelming details that comprise a successful change to a fulfilling new lifestyle. Her experience includes executive positions in both the assisted living industry and the real estate field. She was appointed as a delegate to the Connecticut State Conference on Aging. A sought after speaker, she also writes a popular weekly column, “Senior Moments” which appears every Sunday in The New Haven Register. 

    She is also available for presentations and workshops: 
“Getting Ready to Move” – Providing Seniors with Necessary Resources
“Myths and Realities of the Real Estate Market” – State of the Market and Best Sales Strategies
“Living with Less and Loving It” – Getting Rid of Clutter
“What’s Age Got to Do With It” – Debunking the Myths of Aging
“How to Talk With Your Aging Parents” – Tools for Constructive Conversation Geared to Adult Children